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Product Features

Water Soluble Film Product Characteristics

1. Water-soluble property. It can be soluble in both hot and cold water. The speed can be designed and selected. And It’s non-toxic and non-polluting.


2. Anti-static property. It is an anti-static film with good anti-static properties which is different from other plastic films. In the process of using water-soluble film to package products,the property of plasticity and static electricity and dust resistance will not be reduced.


3. Moisture and gas transmission rate. The water-soluble film is strong and transparent to moisture and ammonia, but it is resistant to oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide gas. These features make it possible to maintain the ingredients and original odor of the original packaged products.


4. Heat sealing property. It is suitable for resistance heat sealing and high frequency heat sealing. The strength of heat sealing is related to temperature, humidity, pressure, time and other conditions.


5. Mechanical property. Strong modulus is 2500-400kg/cm2. Tensile strength is 400-200kg/cm2, tearing force 200-50kg/cm2, and the elongation is 150-220%.


6. Printing property. The water-soluble film can be clearly printed by ordinary printing methods.


7. Oil resistance and chemical resistance. Water-soluble packaging film with good oil resistance and fatness is resistant to organic solvents and carbohydrates, but strong alkalis, strong acids, chlorine radicals and other chemicals such as borax, boric acid, some dyes, etc. can react with PVA.