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Application area

Pesticides and chemical products are packaged into bags: Avoiding hand touching pesticides and chemical products, and not leaving pesticides in plastic bags.

Embroidery, wig and other fabric carriers: Setting off the carrier and is easy for  cleaning. Water-soluble packaging can be used for laundry beads, dishes and other packaging.

Hospital washing bags: Clothes can also be cleaned without contact with contaminated clothing.

Cement additives, silicon powder and other packaging bags: Avoiding the flying dust harming the environment.

Man-made large-scale stone release film: The water-soluble film on the inside of the mold can be quickly demoulded.

Plant seed strips: Seeds are packed at fixed intervals and then buried underground which save precious seeds, and save time.

Hot water-soluble film: Suitable for packaging daily necessities such as clothing and so on.

In-depth research and development: Widely range of applications. Our company makes perennial and continuous research and experiments.