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How to choose suitable for your own washable hot melt adhesive film and precautions.
release time:2018-2-8  Views:3
1, according to the material to determine the hot melt adhesive film.
2, choose the thickness of the film.
3, according to the customer's material temperature resistance and operating process to determine the film.
4, according to the requirements of washable, need to wash the product can not choose the type of ordinary EVA film, as well as how much the temperature washable? Is it ordinary washing or 40 degrees, 60 degrees washing? The higher the temperature, time, and number of times required for washing, the higher the melting point and bond strength requirements for the film.
5, according to the requirements of high and low temperature resistance to determine the film. Some products used outdoors, may have higher temperature requirements, such as some outdoor building materials may require low temperature -40 degrees, high temperature 100 degrees; some indoor products or some disposable products, there is no clear temperature requirements.
6, according to feel requirements to determine the film and so on.
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