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How to purchase custom packaging machinery?
release time:2018-2-8  Views:4
With the improvement of people's living standards and the improvement of their quality of life, the demand for diversification, functionalization and personalization of goods has become increasingly apparent. In order to meet the needs of many types of users in the market, the mechanical equipment industry must consider designing, developing and producing a variety of "custom packaging machines" with various models. For many product processing company managers, it is generally not difficult to seek and select ordinary "standard" packaging machines. However, companies that seek "custom" packaging machinery that can design and manufacture a wide range of products are somewhat confusing and not so easy. These include the identification and indication of the function of the equipment, the inherent risk assessment of custom machinery, the control of costs and quality, and how to ensure the production schedule, etc. These issues must be fully expressed and explained. In the process of earnestly looking for a supplier that can develop a suitable custom packaging machinery, in order to be able to successfully implement a predetermined project plan, careful and accurate preparatory work is essential, these preparation links must at least be the following aspects.
1, plan planning
Do a good job in the packaging company's demand for product features, quality and technical, special requirements, prices and other information release work, so that manufacturers of custom packaging machinery to obtain the development, design of accurate information. Fully unobstructed information exchange and understanding of the appropriate generic regulatory requirements to save time and money.
2, survey seller
The second stage of planning is to find and investigate vendors. Once the documentation for the mechanical product project has been established, surveys and inspections are conducted in accordance with the interests or intentions of these sellers to implement customized machinery for their existing products. At present, the information sources for mechanical manufacturers and design and engineering companies that have experience in producing customized machinery products are large in quantity. In North America, the two largest sources of information are the Packaging Sourcebook and the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association (PMMI). In addition, the names and conditions of the material suppliers can also be consulted according to their suggestions and opinions. If you have already found a group of sellers that are considered to be more suitable, you must learn about the production companies through them:
Technical strength, technical equipment, internal management procedures, quality management, project management, delivery date, after-sales service, etc.
3. Development funds
When the project planning stage is over, after the selection of a production enterprise through tendering, under normal circumstances, the manufacturer requests an initial project fund as a proposal to support detailed pricing. If there is no initial engineering fund, the seller may submit a "valuation" to compare whether their plan meets the user's budget. A detailed proposal may cause problems in the provision of design and development costs. It must be noted here that the project development cost may be as much as 20% to 30% of the final equipment cost.
After the party proposed and approved a project plan, the engineer proceeded to formulate the design plan based on the various types of information provided. The project will organize mechanical, electrical and other engineering tasks into several groups, and calculate man-hours according to this task. The manufacturer will also develop an initial list of required materials to calculate its cost. After the project system's design sketches are drawn, you can estimate the manufacturing and assembly time. If it is initially determined that the project exceeds the prescribed budget, it will negotiate with the design engineering company to discuss the possibility of cost reduction. This goal can often be achieved by adjusting or changing equipment performance indicators, such as modifying the structure of the machine components, changing the switching operation time, adjusting the operating speed, or changing the input mechanism of parts and materials. It is worth noting that in determining the preparation process, the goal is to select the desired and appropriate machine performance without sacrificing design quality. The design quality includes several indicators such as basic characteristics, functional characteristics, reliability, durability (working life), maintainability, interfacial reactivity, aesthetics, and equipment reputation.
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